As you outsource infrastructure to the cloud, the security battleground moves from the perimeter to directly protecting your application workloads.

Gartner recognizes Virsec in a select group of Cloud Workload Protection vendors that provide effective memory and process integrity protection. Virsec was built for the cloud and protects applications in any environment – cloud, container, distributed or hybrid.

Virsec is the only vendor to integrate:

System Integrity
Memory Protection
and Exploit Prevention

Cloud Workload Protection Controls Hierarchy

Many of today’s most dangerous attacks corrupt at the host level, changing files, injecting unauthorized libraries, or corrupting processes during runtime. Virsec protects your application workloads from the ground up, ensuring the integrity of all workload components, and protecting them continuously during runtime, only allowing authorized processes to execute.

Diagram_Cloud_Workload_Protection_Controls_Heirarchy 1



Easy Deployment to Cloud and Containers

Virsec deploys at cloud speed. Because we’replatform agnostic, Virsec works seamlessly withclouds, containers, and hybrid systems.

Group (1)

Moves and Scales with Your Apps

Because Virsec protects at the application level, it easily moves and scales with your applications, so you can fully leverage the flexibility, scalability and elasticity of the cloud and containers.

Group (2)

Precise Visibility and Protection

Virsec works in micro-seconds alerting your security teams and stopping dangerous attacks the moment something suspicious takes place within an application.

Group (3)

SecOps-Ready Solution

Virsec is designed for SecOps teams, protecting any application as is, without requiring source code or deep application knowledge. The solution automatically extracts the developer’s intent and maps acceptable application execution down to the memory.