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May 6, 2020 11:00:30 AM

Enabling Cyber Resilience During COVID-19 Crisis

At Virsec, we understand that cybersecurity remains essential to the state of business, operations, and national security. Even during this pandemic, we are helping companies ensure application resilience as they change their 2020 strategies to scale remote operations and adopt new business processes that ensure the safety and welfare of their employees, customers, partners, and the communities in which they operate.

In many ways, COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and caused a surge in remote access, work-from-home policies, and innovative automation. But these sudden changes have many organizations concerned about increased exposure to cyberattacks on vulnerable applications, operation controls, connected systems, and hosted services.

Making Applications Self-Defending

It’s now more critical than ever to ensure that essential applications are only doing the right thing and not being derailed by unnoticed vulnerability exploits. Equally important is having security technology that is automated, resilient without constant maintenance and able to make applications self-defending. Applications are vulnerable to cyberattacks. We believe that our approach of protecting applications from the inside, detecting any unauthorized deviations in application control flow, and automatically stopping vulnerabilities from being exploited, can help organizations improve security, while streamlining operations.

Virsec is helping customers take an in-depth look at their application security hygiene and implement advanced protection as they introduce new applications and scale access to support a growing number of remote workers. Runtime protection, application control, and continuous monitoring capabilities within the Virsec Security Platform can enable security-minded organizations to quickly address concerns, close dangerous security gaps and continuously mitigate vulnerabilities that can put information, business, and operations in jeopardy.

We Are Here for You

In today’s state of crisis, cybersecurity matters more than ever. Minimizing costs and any windows of exposure to enterprise applications is paramount, especially when IT teams have less availability of skilled resources around the clock. That’s why the Virsec team remains available to provide help when you need it.

We recognize the importance of the security, speed and continuity of collaboration and are prepared at any time to provide access to our platform and test infrastructure through AWS. We are also happy to offer you direct access to our secure collaboration tools for video conferencing, real-time chat, as well as document and file exchange. We continue to work closely with our customers across industries including healthcare, financial services, utilities, defense, government, and other industries who are seeking to thoroughly and rapidly address application security challenges.

How Virsec Can Help Organizations During COVID 19

Our staff is available and equipped to help your organization in many ways including:

  • Assessing security posture of essential enterprise applications and operations technologies
  • Implementing compensating controls that ensure the integrity of high-value systems such as web applications, enterprise systems, SCADA/OT systems and more
  • Protecting application runtime from the inside with deterministic threat detection across web, memory and hosts
  • Providing continuous monitoring of applications against exploits without requiring specialized expertise, tuning, learning or policies updates
  • Stopping evolving and dangerous attacks without guessing, analysis, or prior knowledge
  • Ensuring visibility across the full composite application stack for discovery of attacks at the earliest point

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