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The state of the art in hacking has moved into memory techniques that cannot be detected by traditional security products. Attacks such as return-to-libc or ROP chain attacks are not stopped by even the latest next generation endpoint product claiming “Zero-Day” detection since these attacks are file-less. Memory corruption attacks have largely been considered the realm of the “indefensible” for their stealthy and insidious profile, until now.

ARMAS is the only application security solution that enables you to close down all vectors of hacking attacks through and around an application. Our “Full-Stack” application protection detects all flavors of attacks, from memory-based to user-borne, browser-based attacks.

Web App Attack Protection (RASP Solution) from Zero-Day, File Upload, OS Code Injection, Path Traversal

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A Deterministic Platform To Defend Against File-Less, Memory-Based Cyber Attacks



Virsec ARMAS Full-Stack Application Protection